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Chrome Book Care

Chromebook Care
Tips for keeping your Chromebook in working order: ? Do not leave your Chromebook unattended in unsecured areas ? If you step away from your Chromebook, close the lid to minimize the possibility of damage. ? Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold ? Only clean your Chromebook with distilled water applied to a soft cloth ? Charge your Chromebook every night to ensure it has a full battery for class ? Files on your Chromebook (i.e., Pictures, Music, etc.) are held to the same standard as any other content you bring into school. They should be suitable for the school environment.
Caring for Chromebook Ports:
? Take care when plugging in cables and removable storage devices
? Never transport your Chromebook with the power cord plugged in to the device.
? Never store your Chromebook in an enclosed carrying case, sleeve, or backpack with anything plugged in. This can damage the ports on the device.
? Never charge your Chromebook while inside a carrying case, sleeve, or backpack. With some chargers, this can cause overheating and may damage the device.

Carrying Chromebooks: ? Many Chromebooks are designed with smooth upper and lower plastic covers. Care should be taken when carrying Chromebooks between classes. ? Never carry a Chromebook with the lid open and the screen exposed. ? Never lift a Chromebook by the screen and upper lid. Chromebook screens are extremely delicate and expensive. ? Remember, always disconnect all cords before placing a Chromebook into a carrying case
Caring for the Screen:
As stated above, Chromebook screens are easily damaged. ? Always check to make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid. ? Never carry a Chromebook by the screen or upper lid. ? Be careful to not put pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed. ? Always store the Chromebook with the screen closed ? Be certain to use a carrying case with adequate space to transport the Chromebook, and avoid excess pressure on the device’s lid and screen ? Do not touch the screen with anything that might scratch or mar the surface. ? As stated above, always clean the screen and keyboard with a soft cloth ? Never use any solvents or cleaning solutions on the Chromebook, only distilled water

Stickers, Labels, etc:
? West Clermont Local School District places tags on every district-owned device, including but not limited to: Asset Tags, Student Name Tags, and Charging Room & Slot Numbers. These tags must remain on the Chromebook and must not be altered in any way.
? The original manufacturer labels should not be removed from the device.
? Students are prohibited from applying any stickers or labels to district-owned Chromebooks. Only stickers and labels applied or approved by the Technology Department may be applied to district-owned Chromebooks.

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