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One to Wolf Technology

Under the program, middle school students will be issued a Chromebook computer (Device) for their exclusive use at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. While the district retains ownership of the device, students will take the device home each night and return with it, fully charged, to school each day. The device will remain in the student’s possession for the entire school year. The student must surrender the device to the District Technology Department or building administrators on demand or when the student no longer requires use of the device for reasons including, but not limited to, withdrawal from the District.

The device is intended to be used both at and away from school. While in school, students will use the device to access the District’s WiFi network, a secure computer network that employs content filtering to protect the student from unsuitable web content. While away from school, the device will have the ability to access other WiFi and/or cellular networks, which may not be secure and may permit access to the entire Internet.

Parents/Students must agree to the following guidelines before participating in this program.

I/We hereby agree:

? To comply with all applicable rules and regulations in the Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, this User Agreement, and other relevant Board of Education policies, including but not limited to, Policy 7540 – Computer Technology and Networks, the Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Administrative Guidelines (AG7540.03), copies of which are distributed at the beginning of each school year and are made available on the District’s website.

? While at school, the device will be used for educational purposes only unless otherwise directed by the classroom teacher or building administrator.

? It is the student's responsibility to ensure the device has a full charge at the start of each day, as it is an integral part of their learning.

? Filtering and security settings shall be changed only by the Tech Dept. Any attempts to circumvent filtering or security mechanisms may be met with disciplinary action.

? The device is the property of the West Clermont Local School District Board of Education. The Board of Education has the right to immediate possession of the device and may terminate the student’s use of the device at any time.

? If a problem is detected, students must promptly report it to a school authority in the same day. If the problem is detected while the student is offsite, the student should report the problem upon returning to school.

? Students are responsible for backing up data. Access to Google Drive is provided for this purpose.

? Students may not vandalize or deface the device, including but not limited to adding or removing stickers, or district labeling.

? Students are prohibited from disassembling or modifying the device.

? Illegal use or transfer of copyrighted materials is prohibited at all times.

? Students are prohibited from using another student’s login name and/or password. Students are prohibited from sharing their login name and/or password. Every effort must be made by the student to keep his/her login name and password secure.

? The operating system software must not be modified in any way except by the Technology Dept.

? The use or possession of obscene materials of any kind are prohibited on the device.

? No personal software is permitted. Any found on a device is subject to removal.

? Students and parents have no expectation of privacy to any data or information that is, or was, stored on the device or District network. Students and parents should be aware that the device is subject to search and seizure by school officials at any time.

? It is the Student’s responsibility to physically secure the device so that it is not lost, misplaced or stolen. Parents/Student may be required to pay for the replacement cost of the device in the event the device is lost, misplaced, or stolen.

? In the event the device is damaged, parents and/or guardians will be required to pay for repairs or replacement of the device, whichever is less.

? Insurance is available to parents and guardians of students participating in the One To Wolf program. This insurance will cover the cost of repair for the first incident of accidental damage to a covered device. Parents/guardians will be charged for subsequent repairs according to the repair fees in place at the time the damage occurred.

? Students may be restricted from removing the device from school premises at the discretion of building administrators. If this occurs, the device will be kept in a secure location from which the student will pick up the device each morning and drop it off each afternoon. The student will continue to have exclusive use of the device, and parents will remain responsible for repairs due to damage.

? The West Clermont Local School District, its board members, administrators and employees shall not be liable for a student’s misuse of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must my student use a Chromebook at school?

The direction of instruction at West Clermont Middle School is heavily rooted in digital learning that seeks to prepare students for the requirements of a digital world. The Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) is an online resource for teachers to house their class materials, such as classwork, homework, tests, etc. It gives them great flexibility in course design and the ability to retain and update courses, but most importantly, Schoology expands student access to digital learning resources across the Internet. These are just a few of the reasons students must have a device each day.

Can I provide a Chromebook for my student to bring to school each day?

The district is investigating the forms that a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program might take, but we are not prepared to implement such an initiative at this time.

Has the program changed for the 2017-2018 school year?

YES! - There are some exciting changes coming to the West Clermont Middle School 1 To 1 Program!

- At the start of 2017-2018, every middle school student will receive a NEW Dell 11 3180 Chromebook, specifically designed for the rigors of the educational environment, as well as a charger!

- Each will be equipped with a Gumdrop brand “always on” hard-shell case, providing some of the best protection available on the market.

- In response to parent feedback, middle school students will take their Chromebooks home each day. Some parents expressed concerns over custody of the device when their student was not at school. Allowing students to take the device home will reassure parents that theirs is the only student using their assigned device.

- Students must bring their Chromebook to school each day with a full charge. As stated above, students will be issued a charger with their Chromebook. The charger should remain at home to ensure the student has the ability to charge the device each evening.

What about the Bump Armor carrying cases we purchased in the second half of 2016-2017? Are those still usable?

Yes! The Bump Armor cases that were available for purchase during 2016-2017 can still be used in conjunction with the new devices. The Gumdrop shell has no handles or carrying straps. For that reason, the more traditional Bump Armor carrying case will still be available as an optional purchase, though we won’t have updated pricing until we get closer to opening day in August. Of course, if you purchased one in 2016-2017, your student can still use it in 2017-2018.

How can the district expect children of this age to care for a costly device?

While issuing a Chromebook for exclusive use by a single middle school student is new to West Clermont, it is not new to education. Neighboring districts have been operating programs of this kind to varying degrees for several years. They have learned that students develop a sense of ownership for the device assigned to their care and rise to the level of expectations set for them at school and at home.

Will I still be expected to pay for damage to my student’s Chromebook?

The repair procedures implemented in January, 2017 will continue in the 2017-2018 school year. The district is negotiating the cost of replacement parts for the Dell 11 3180, and when those discussions are completed, a list of repair fees will be published for each part in the Dell 11 3180 for 2017-2018.

Will I be expected to pay for a repair covered under warranty?

No. Dell’s warranty protects the device against defects in materials or workmanship for one (1) year. Failures of that kind will be repaired at no cost to parents/guardians. Please note that physical breakage to any part of the device will exempt that device from warranty coverage, at which time the published repair fee schedule will determine the cost of repair.


Will insurance be offered in 2017-2018, as it was in the latter half of 2016-2017?

Yes. Insurance of $30 per year was established in 2016-2017. Because the program began at the half year mark, insurance was pro-rated to $15 for the second half of the year. The cost of insurance for 2017-2018 will be published soon, and while it may drop below the $30 annual cost established in 2016-2017, it will not exceed it.

Is the purchase of insurance optional?

Yes. The insurance program is optional. The district does not require anyone to participate.

Why is the district offering Chromebook insurance?

Because accidents can happen to anyone, West Clermont is providing parents and guardians an affordable level of protection against a single random accident.

Why wouldn’t I just buy insurance in the event that my child tells me their Chromebook was damaged?

This insurance, like any other, must be in force prior to the covered device being damaged. If the damage occurs prior to the purchase of insurance, those repair charges will not be covered by the insurance program. If insurance is purchased on or before the day the device is issued to the student, coverage will begin immediately. If insurance is purchased after that day, it will take seven (7) calendar days to go into effect.

If my student damages the Chromebook and the insurance is used to repair it, can I buy insurance again?

No. Currently, the program only allows for a single purchase of insurance coverage each year.

If multiple parts are damaged on my student’s Chromebook, how many parts are covered by the insurance?

The Chromebook insurance covers all damage incurred in a single incident. Should multiple parts be damaged in a single accident, all costs, up to and including replacement of the entire unit, will be covered by the insurance program. Please note that insurance only covers accidental damage.

Is there a way to help families on the Free and Reduced Lunch program to get insurance for their students’ Chromebooks?

Through the prompting of one very generous mother, we have established a means for accepting payments for Chromebook insurance to be discreetly assigned by the building principal, to students of families on the Free and Reduced Lunch program. Checks made out to West Clermont Local School District with a memo of F&R Chromebook Insurance, will be applied to this program and spread evenly among our more disadvantaged students. THANK YOU!

Carrying Cases

Is the carrying case purchase mandatory?

No. The district is offering parents and guardians of students in the One To Wolf program the opportunity to obtain a quality carrying case at a price aggressively negotiated by the district due to its status as an educational institution and the potentially high volume of units ordered.

Why is the district offering a carrying case option?

While the Gumdrop Always-On case offers premium protection against damage, it does not have either carrying handles or a shoulder strap. The Bump Armor case provides both, making transportation of the device much easier.

Is the carrying case ours to keep?

Yes. The carrying case is yours to keep and can be used for the remainder of the student’s time in West Clermont.

Will the carrying case be suitable for devices used by the district in the future?

This question was considered at the time the cases were being evaluated. Currently, the 11” class of Chromebook is the standard within the district. While we feel confident that this trend will continue in the years to come, the rapid evolution of technology makes it impossible to offer any guarantees.


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