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Amelia High School


1351 Clough Pike
Batavia, OH 45102
Main Office: 513-947-7400
Attendance: 513-947-7404
Fax: 513-753-2419

Principal:     Stephanie N. Walker

Assistant Principal:     Nathan Baughman

Assistant Principal:     Jeffrey Damadeo


Amelia High School serves students from ninth through twelfth grade. There are sixty classrooms, including 2 half-day virtual school sections and a section of credit recovery.

  • Amelia High School provides college prep courses of study. Students may also earn a diploma of Honors upon meeting certain criteria. Amelia High School offers classes in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate.
  • Amelia High School also has a part-time librarian who provides training for students in literature, library use, research, and technology.
  • Amelia High School provides special education services to meet the needs of students in an inclusive environment. Teams of special education teachers and regular education teachers serve students with identified special needs. Speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are offered to those students who qualify.
  • Amelia High School works through the Response to Intervention (RTI) to support students who are having difficulties in the classroom. Students are referred to RTI by teachers and parents at which time the School Psychologist convenes the team to learn more about the student and brainstorm strategies to help support their success in the classroom. Parental involvement is a very important piece throughout this process.
  • Amelia High School provides breakfast daily for students 7:00-7:15 a.m. Breakfast cost $1.10; reduced .30.


Amelia High School

The staff at Amelia High School, working with parents and the community, strives to provide students with a positive environment which stimulates the development of life-long skills of acquiring knowledge, interacting with others, and making informed decisions.


Is to ensure all students achieve academic success in a safe environment supported by parents and our community.



Important Numbers:

Athletics 513-947-7495
Athletic Hotline 513-947-7410
Attendance 513-947-7404
Closing Hotline 513-943-5097
Deputy Patton 513-947-7424
Fax 513-753-2419
Guidance 513-947-7401
Health Aide 513-947-7403
Student Services 513-943-5097

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