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Baron Bits for the Week of February 8th:

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WCHS progress update

West Clermont High School progress update. Pictures are below. 
Picture 1 - Looking into the Virtual Academy, Room D121
Picture 2 - In the Auditorium looking at the stage, Room D144
Picture 3 - In the corridor looking into the Piano Lab, Room D103
Picture 4 - Looking into the Instrumental Room, Room D109
Picture 5 - Storm water drains in the Courtyard
Picture 6 - The same view as picture 3, with poured footings

A Message from Superintendent Kline

Over the course of the next few weeks, the State will release report cards for school districts across Ohio.  For the most part, these “grades” are for assessments that were taken over the course of the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.

Baron Bits for the Week of February 1st:

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Parent / Teacher Conferences - schedule now

The Ohio Department of Education offers tips to make the most of your parent / teacher conference. ODE Tips. Please use the following links to schedule a meeting on February 11th or 17th. 

World International Baccalaurate School Evening Engagement (IB):

Victory at the Top of the Hill


Why is it always sweeter to conquer the long and steep hill?  For nine years, the Amelia High School Battlebots teams have been returning home with smiles and enthusiasm, but no trophy.  This year, the team of John Carmen, A.J. Curtin, Vinny Gabriel, and Max Kearney and their little bot “BotDroppings” marched to third place out of 32 bots at Wright State’s Nutter Center on November 21st

The road was long.  A.J.’s older brother Ricky had been involved in first building the bot as a freshman.  Ricky was one of five students who had transferred from Amelia’s sister school specifically to be a part of the Great Oaks provided Project Lead the Way engineering program at Amelia. 

The road was steep because the design was a “beginner’s bot”: a simple wedge without a weapon.  Very few of those survive long in competition.  But with the skilled driving of these four young men, BotDroppings managed to evade the weapons of far scarier bots and make it into the finals. 

Also on the “team” was Amelia principal Stephanie Walker, a born promoter.  The program has taken on new life since she arrived.  Normally, after a competition, interest wanes.  But this year, the lab was filled with excited kids getting designs together for the future, leaving instructors Doug Paul and Denis Larrick scrambling to figure out how to pay for the new bots.  It’s a good problem to have. 

As for BotDroppings, it will receive a well-deserved retirement next to the trophy and a picture of four very excited future engineers.

A Message about Emergency and Crisis Management

West Clermont Parents:

Over the past few weeks, there have been a variety of threatening calls to schools across the region, the most recent being yesterday, October 20.  With that in mind, 

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