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Book Fair Night

Summerside will be have a book fair on Thursday, November 6, 2014 from 4-8 p.m.  Please see the attached letter for more information. 

Report Cards

First quarter report cards will be available on Progress Book on Friday, October 31, 2014.  If you need assistance accessing your child’s progress book account, please contact Mrs. Fields in the school office at 947-7901.

Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

What a beautiful day!  Fall is in full swing.  I hope you are able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the weather we have coming our way.  It's great to see your kids engaged daily in active play at recess.  Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air gives our students a much needed break during our academic day and our students come back refreshed and ready to learn!

Speaking of the academic day, I am extremely proud of the teaching and learning taking place in our classrooms.  I dropped in multiple classrooms this week and our teachers and students are engaged in meaningful learning throughout the day.  Mrs. Cann's second grade students were recognizing and reading grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.  In addition, the students were demonstrating the command of the conversation of standard English. 

 Last but not least, the students mastered spelling words which were plural nouns with regular and irregular spelling patterns.  I was very impressed with the instruction Mrs. Cann delivered and it was terrific to see her students excited about their newly mastered skills.  Awesome class period!!



Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Our cookie dough fundraiser has begun!  Please participate in this year’s Classic Recipes® Cookie Dough and Entertainment® Book* fundraiser to raise funds to support materials for our new Physical Education and Music Specials, as well as books for our Media Center.  Enjoy delicious cookies and save money for your family with the new  2015 Entertainment book, while 40% of each purchase will help us raise money for our student programs and classroom enhancements to benefit ALL of our students!  Our sale runs from October 20th-November 3rd. Information and order forms were sent home with students on Monday.  If you have any questions or need additional materials please contact Mary Johnston from PTO by email at  Click here for more information.  *Please remember to turn in all order forms no later than Monday, November 3rd.

Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

I trust all is well with you as we work through the Fall season at Summerside. Parent/Teacher Conferences are being scheduled for early November after school. Information went home with students this week. Please look for that communication and respond to your child's classroom teacher if you would like a conference.  Conferences are an important time to build that home/school connection and most importantly to work together as a team for our children.  I am excited about the upcoming conferences and look forward to seeing our parents who sign up.  We are here to make a difference!!

Our school is focused on teaching and learning during the school day.  This is our top priority!  Our school is a family and our students need a balance of academics and other school activities to have a well-rounded experience. Included in October 16th Weekly Update is this year’s calendar with all of the extracurricular events available for our families and students.  These include: Skating Parties, Dances, Carnivals, Camps, Field Trips, Honor Roll Pizza Parties, PTO Forums, and Classroom Parties.  We'll have a nice balance of events for our community to build the relationships essential for a healthy school community.  I look forward to meeting everyone at these events


Book It

 Pizza Hut Book It

Summerisde Elementary will be implementing the Pizza Hut Book It program. This reading program will run from Oct. 1st -March 31st. The goal of this program is to increase student involvement and engagement in reading at home.  Students will receive a monthly reading log from their classroom teacher, which they will use to track their time spent reading at home.  At the end of the month, students who meet their reading goal will receive a Pizza Hut coupon.


Progress Book

Progress Book allows parents and students online access to grades, interims and report cards.  Usernames and passwords we sent home with your child the first week of September. Use the link on the left-hand side to access the parent user guide and/or login to view your child's progress. Please call Karen Fields at 947-7901 with any questions.


EZ Pay

EzPay allows parents to pay the annual $50 school fee and deposit money onto their child's lunch account.  To use EzPay, click the link on the left-hand side of the page.

After creating an account, you may simply log in to check your child's balances and send your payments to the school directly. In order to display your child's balance information, you must know your child’s student ID. which you can obtain by calling the Karen Fields in the school office at 947-7901.

*Ezpay has a $3 per transaction fee.

Marco's Pizza Challenge

Summerside Elementary/Marco’s Pizza  Home Room Challenge – everybody wins!

On Thursday, November 20th order Marco’s Pizza (dine-in, carry-out, or delivery) and Summerside will receive 15% of the order. It’s simple – when ordering, just mention the name of your Home Room teacher (and feel free to use your existing coupons or take advantage of the daily specials). Marco’s will tally the total for all the Home Room teachers and send Summerside Elementary School a check for 15% of that total. 

The Homeroom teacher with the highest individual total, wins a free Pizza Lunch for that class! 

So please mark your calendar for Thursday, November 20th and encourage your friends and neighbors to join our cause. Need coupons? See the attached flyer for challenge details and pizza savings.

Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

Wow! We are having a great week in our academic classrooms. I have been in multiple classrooms and we are right on track.  Our classrooms are the "Hub" of our school and one subject that is crucial is Reading. This week I stopped in Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Beavers’ Reading Skills Group classes.  All students at Summerside receive 30 targeted minutes daily of small group reading at their reading level.  This is in addition to their core reading class time.  

Reading is the foundation for all learning in all subject areas and I can guarantee you that it is a priority at Summerside every day.  Mrs. Beavers’ first grade skill group was reviewing letter names and sounds, as well as correct letter formation.  Students were practicing listening comprehension as Mrs. Beavers read a story aloud to the group. These bedrock skills will prepare her students to excel in reading.  Super job Mrs. Beavers and her students!!  Mrs. Alexander’s

 first grade skill group was working on decoding short vowel words and reading fluency.  Students were practicing listening comprehension as Mrs. Alexander read a story aloud.   As you can see these two first grade skills groups are working on specific skills tailored to the students’ needs.  We are differentiating instruction to meet individual student needs.  


Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

It's hard to believe the month of September has flown by and we are headed into October. Fall is upon us.  What a beautiful time of year in Cincinnati.  In our daily lives things tend to move very quickly and sometimes we need to slow down and lift our heads long enough to enjoy the simple things that mean the most.  I was working  PM car dismissal this week and looking out in the back of our property at Summerside; and what a sight it is to see the colors changing on the trees. What a beautiful canvass to behold, nature at its best!   A special thank you to all of our families and staff that are working together to make drop off and pick up run safely and smoothly for our kids.  A sincere thank you to everyone!!

Teaching and Learning during the day is something I am extremely proud of at Summerside.  We just completed a great month of September in our classrooms.  I will always showcase one of our classrooms every week and this week is Mrs. Simmons’ first grade class.  

Today, Mrs. Simmons' 1st grade class practiced decoding and reading words fluently.  They listened to individual words, determined the vowel sound and held up their vowel letter tents for Mrs. Simmons to see.   They read 3 letter words to multiple friends in the classroom and then finished by reading their sight word poem of the week to each other.  The poem was about pets.  The students are using this poem in their literacy block to help them study about the needs of pets.   There is nothing more enjoyable than observing a great teacher work with a great group of kids in a classroom.  Super job Mrs. Simmons and her First Grade Class!!


Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

I hope all is well and that you are having a great week.  We are having a strong week in our classrooms and I always lead off my update with our Teaching and Learning in the classrooms.  This week, I will be featuring Mrs. Hayden's second grade classroom.   Every day I stop in multiple classrooms and keep my finger on the pulse of the academic work taking place there; and we have just completed a strong academic week in our classrooms.  Mrs. Hayden’s students were being introduced to synonyms, practicing matching synonyms in their Reader's and Writer's Notebooks, and finding synonyms for words from their weekly selection, Congratulations Mrs. Hayden's class!  Great job!!


Our students are always learning and growing and it's crucial that we have that same mentality when it comes to our staff at West Clermont.  On September 26th, there will be no school for students it is a professional development for our staff.  They will be engaged in learning best practice strategies which will be applied in our daily work to improve student learning.  I can assure you our team will be engaged in meaningful skill building to improve our productivity. 

Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger
Hello Summerside Families!  

Each week my goal is to provide our families a snapshot of the important work taking place in the most important part of our school, which is our classrooms.  I was in multiple classrooms this week and one of them was Mrs. Feldkamp’s Third Grade. Her students were practicing solving one and two step word problems. The students practiced together as a whole class on the small
dry erase boards; and then they solved a few problems working with a partner. The students were encouraged to look for addition or subtraction "key words" like total, sum, difference, and left over. Hats off to all of the students in Mrs. Feldkamp’s class. Super job!

Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

A heartfelt hello from Summerside Elementary!!   We had a great academic week in our classrooms.  I couldn't be more proud this week of our staff and students.  We are rolling up our sleeves and making a difference in our classrooms.  We are focused and on target academically.  Great job everyone!

I am proud to say we lifted off with our first week of Art, Music, and Gym.  What a sight is was seeing our kids excited and back in their Unified Arts Classes!  West Clermont is on the move and this is another example of our district moving forward and making a difference.  We'll continue to strive to work hard to provide our kids with the top notch school day they deserve.   Working with your children is a gift that I do not take for granted.  It is a privilege!


Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families,

We are having a great week of school at Summerside.  Our classrooms are humming right along this week.  The classrooms are the heart of our school and I have been impressed with our focus and work ethic.  A letter will be sent home with all students today which has the process that parents can apply to access 
their child's information such as interim reports, quarterly grades, and most importantly daily work.  Progress Book is your vehicle for staying in direct touch with your child's academic work at Summerside. 

One goal this time of year is to get into a nice daily flow of business, to work on jelling as a school family, and to build our academic stamina in the classroom.  The good news is we are right on track and I see our student confidence building daily.

Family is important!  As we work through the school year and the many twists and turns that occur during the year, I want everyone to know together we can tackle anything.  I want you to know I view you as family.  Our Staff cares about you and your children! 

Feel free to contact our school office if you need assistance at 947-7901 or feel free to contact me on my direct cell line at 373-5735.  Have a super weekend with your family and friends.


Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Summerside Families,

We are closing in on our first full week of school and I couldn’t be more proud of what our students, staff, volunteers, and families have accomplished together as a Team.  We are off to a great academic start. The Academic Work taking place in our classrooms daily will be our priority focus during the school year.  Our Staff’s charge is to provide engaging academic lessons that challenge and excite your children about learning.  I have been in multiple classrooms daily and we are right on track.

Many new improvements have been added in the West Clermont Schools to provide opportunities for our students and families. We have much to be excited about! We have added 45 minutes of academic time to this year’s school day, which we are committed to using wisely to increase student learning.  We now have on-site before and after school extended daycare, which is an excellent option for our working parents who need child care.  More good news!  A special thank you to Child Focus who operates this quality program. We also have added K-Plus as an option for families who have Kindergartens. Another new quality option!  Last but not least, we will add back Art, Music, and Gym for grades 1-5 on a rotating basis one week per month. We are excited about this for our kids! The week of September 8th will be our first rotation. For your planning purposes, First Graders will have Specials on Monday, Sept 8th, Second will have Specials on Tuesday, September 9th, Third will have Specials on Wednesday, September 10th, Fourth on September 11th,  and Fifth on September 12th. 

Summerside Daily Schedule and Transportation Information

Click here for the Summerside daily schedule and transportaion information.


Summerside at Channel 12 News

Summerside receives recognition from Josh Gumm and Channel 12 news.


Click to view the video clip.


Math Websites

                              Math Websites


Here are a few great websites to use and play.  This site is approved by the National Council of Mathematics.   The students really like the video on 7 X 8, the 9s tables and the word problems.   This site has a complete set of activities/review for grades K-8.  It will only let you play a  ertain number free per day unless you subscribe to the site.


Click "View All" for more websites.

Reading Websites

                Great Reading Websites

Clermont County Public Library

This site includes several stories for beginning readers, and is part of the Internet Public Library complied by the University of Michigan School of Information.

Click view all for more websites.

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