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Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!!

We are charging forward as an academic community into the month of October.  Each day brings everyone an opportunity in our classrooms to engage in meaningful learning linked to the curriculum.  We started our second round of Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology Classes this week.  I stopped in with Mr. Endres’ Music class this week to observe the teaching and learning taking place.

During the next eight days all students will be finishing their first unit of the school year in music. The first unit focused on rhythm reading skills as well as understanding meter signatures. Grades 1 through 3 focused on rhythm reading with half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests; while 4th and 5th grade focused on understanding meter and how it relates to writing complete measures of music on the staff. 

During the 1st-3rd grade’s final class on this unit they took part in a classroom rhythm composition. These compositions were recorded on the computer program Muse Score. After the students wrote a short composition, it was performed in small groups using drums, cowbell, cabasa, and other various classroom instruments. The compositions were uploaded on a public domain library. Here are the links to check out each classes projects so far:

COMING SOON: Annual Stuff the Bus CAMPAIGN

The third annual WCSD Stuff the Bus Campaign starts on October 12. 

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!


First and foremost, I want to thank you for your teamwork as we have moved through the months of August and September.  Our Staff and Students are rolling up their sleeves and working in concert daily to improve our academic performance.  There is work to be done and always room for improvement and collectively I will keep you informed as we aim high every day.

The classroom is the "Hub" of Summerside Elementary during the day and all of our energy is focused on delivering engaging lessons.  I observed Mr. Wilson's 3rd Grade Mathematics class this week.  The Students were spinning the "fact power" wheel and doing a hands-on fact practice session.  As math concepts increase in difficulty, having a solid knowledge of basic math facts is critical in learning some of the more complex math concepts that are being introduced in the 3rd grade.  Mastering addition facts, for example, will give kids a head start on the future operation of multiplication.  Similarly, subtraction fact masters will have a much easier time learning about division later in the year.  By having basic math facts committed to memory, more complex computations become much easier.   Hat's off to Mr. Wilson for planning and executing this engaging hands on lesson for his students!!   

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Summerside PTO Craft Show!!

The Summerside Elementary PTO is holding an Arts & Craft Show October 24th. Proceeds from the booth rentals support students and teachers. Click below for details!

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families and Happy Friday!

A positive attitude makes all the difference when tackling our day to day responsibilities.   We often talk in society about role models.  One role model I get to observe in action every day is your children.  Children have it right, they arrive daily with a spring in their step and charge into the day.  Their positive spirit is contagious!  A sincere thank you for the privilege of serving you and your children daily.

I often speak about the classroom being the "Hub" of our school where Teaching and Learning is our focus.  Our Media Center is one location in our school where students are introduced to books and reading.  Below are photos of Mrs. Jansen's second graders engaged in reading in the Media Center this week.  Our students are learning how to navigate the Media Center and how to select books of interest.  Way to go Mrs. Jansen's super readers!!


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Weekly Update From Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

We had a terrific week in our classrooms and the recent drop in temperature has been a welcome change!  Fall is right around the corner!  I observed several classrooms this week and it is always a joy to stop in our Kindergarten classrooms.  There is nothing better in this world than being in presence of Kindergarten students and the positive energy the project every day.  We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Emery on our Staff teaching our Kindergarten students.  Her students are engaged and excited every time I am in her classroom.  In Mrs. Emery’s classes the students have been busy with listening for words that have the same ending sounds, or Rhyme. The students match picture cards with Rhyming words, then are given word and they will give a word or words that Rhyme. After that, the students are given sets of words to determine if they are Rhyming words or not.  Each skill is different; matching, saying and then listening for Rhyming words. This practice helps the students at assessment time when they need to demonstrate all three skills.

In Ms. Finke’s 5th Grade Class, students have been learning about the classification of animals and how they are grouped within the animal kingdom.  Using dichotomous keys, students identified the skulls of various animals.  They then used their knowledge of consumers to identify whether these animals were predators or prey based on the position of their eye sockets.  They also had to identify them as carnivores, omnivores or herbivores based on their teeth.  After this, students were asked where these animals would be within their ecosystem's food web.  Hats off to our 5th Grade Scientists!

Summerside's Mural

This year we are thinking BIG in art! To start the school year off, every student at Summerside is creating a small work of art that when combined with their classmates, will become a colorful mural that plays with shape , color and line.  In class, students are learning about line as a very important element of art and how to use it as a building block to design. Each student divided a circle into 4 equal parts and drew a variety of lines and designs on each, making it symmetrical.  Once their designs were drawn, the pieces were flipped and glued into the corners of a square to create a diamond shape.  When the pieces are put side-by-by to one another, they fit together to create a circle pattern.  They are reminiscent of how quilt squares fit together to create a pattern. Each grade has been assigned a color from the rainbow and when assembled together, the mural will flow effortlessly from one color to the next. The project is bigger than just in its size. My goal of the mural is to create a sense of community through art.  The squares represent our students.  Each student is an important part of our school and masterpiece.  When you look closer, you will notice the differences in design that make each square or student unique.

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Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families and Happy Friday!

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, we are proud of our work ethic at Summerside.  One thing I can assure you of is that our Students, Staff, and Volunteers work hard as a Team each day.  Monday September 7th is the Labor Day Holiday and we hope everyone is able to enjoy the fruits of their Labor by enjoying this day off with family and friends.  Hope you find a cool place to celebrate!

A key lifelong skill we work on daily at Summerside is modeling a strong work ethic.   Our classrooms are the "Hub" of our school and I will be showcasing several classrooms I stopped in to observe this week and will give you a taste of the Teaching and Learning taking place.  I was in Mrs. Williams Art Class this week and our students under the guidance of Mrs. Williams have created a new Mural for our school which is located in one of our hallways.
Each student contributed by making a square.  The message of this mural is when we put everyone's square together we will have something great to be proud of and colorful to brighten up the hallways.   We are a team at Summerside and the new Mural is a visual reminder that together the sky is the limit for our school community.  Hats off to Mrs. Williams and our Artist!!

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Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!


We just completed our first full week at Summerside Elementary and it was GREAT!  I couldn't be more proud of our Students, Staff, and Parents who worked together as a Team striving to be the best that we can be.  Nice work!

Our Students closed out the week very excited about tonight’s Glen Este vs Amelia High School game.   It was really neat to see our students displaying West Clermont Spirit today. 

Teaching and Learning was in full gear at Summerside this week.  Our Students have been engaged in their first week of Specials and this week I want to showcase our technology class that all students are receiving this year.  We are excited to be offering a technology class as a special this year taught by our own Mr. White.  We will be teaching keyboarding, computer coding, looking at digital citizenship, robotics, digital communications, google docs and internet research during Mr. White’s class this year.  I couldn't be excited about this new specials class being offered at Summerside and at all West Clermont Schools! 


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