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West Clermont bills the Ohio Department of Education over $8 million

The board approved a resolution granting the treasurer Alana Cropper, to bill the ODE for $8,607,259 in state and local funds from 2001-2015 for the state’s charter school system. 

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hi Summerside Families!


I want to begin this edition of the Summerside eCommunication with a heartfelt thank you.  Thanksgiving is coming and we have much to be thankful for as a Summerside School Family.  We will have a short week next week, so there will be no eCommunication the week of November 23rd.   We have school on Monday Nov 23rd and Tuesday Nov 24th.  There will be no school on Wednesday Nov 25, Thursday Nov 26, and Friday Nov 27th.    

Our Students were able to celebrate this week with our traditional District Thanksgiving Lunch.  It was a real feast and a sincere thank you to Lance Perry who is our Facilities Director at West Clermont, Ellie Preston who is our Curriculum Director, and our entire Cafeteria Staff for serving lunch to our students.  A great Team effort and a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch was had by all.  

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Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!


Our Students, Staff, and Volunteers have rolled up their sleeves and this week has been a very productive week in our classrooms, with our after school events student enrichment classes, and a special thank you to everyone who attended our conferences this week.

Teaching and Learning is our core focus during the day and we were able to tie Veterans Day into a meaningful classroom experience for our students linked to the curriculum.  The Tri-State Honor Flight organization takes local WWII Veterans and Korean War Veterans to the Washington D.C. memorials built in their honor.  On the return home from their flight they have a "Mail Call".  Our students wrote the Honor Flight Veterans friendly letters encouraging them for the sacrifices they have made for our nation.  These letters will be permanent keepsakes for the Veterans.  I couldn’t think of a better way for our Summerside students to develop a shared understanding of these great Veterans and the Country we are all fortunate to live in.   Nice work Summerside Students!!


Veterans Day - Thank You from Summerside Elementary

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!


We charged into the month of November as a Summerside Learning Community and had a great week of school. I was in multiple classrooms this week and want to highlight one of the great lessons I observed. I stopped in Becky Finke's 5th Grade classroom and a language arts lesson about identifying the point of view in written text was taking place. The students were deciding between first person and third person. If they decided third person they had to then decide was it third person objective, third person omniscient, or third person limited. The students had to provide proof from the text to support their answer. What impressed me most was the teamwork in that classroom and the student engagement. Great job Ms. Finke, Ms. Bose, and Ms. Hain!

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Summerside Bookfair this week. We had a nice turnout of families and the selection of books from Joseph Beth Bookstores was of high quality. We will continue to build relationships with our local businesses and vendors to improve the opportunities for our school community.  A special thank you to Joseph Beth Bookstores!


Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Elementary Families!

We are in full swing at Summerside as we head into the month of November.  This edition of the eCommunication will highlight the many positive accomplishments we made this week as a Team and will include opportunities for you to gather and get involved at our School.  You are family here!

Teaching and Learning will always be our core focus at Summerside and our classrooms were hitting on all cylinders this week.  I was in multiple classrooms this week and the common theme was focused Teaching and Learning.  I couldn't be more proud of our Students and Staff!  I dropped in to observe the learning taking place in Ms. Armstrong's third grade classroom and they were working hard in their Language Arts groups.  While some students were independently working on their reading goal, others students were working on their typing skills at the word work station.   Students in the teacher led group were working together on making inferences and being able to show evidence for their conclusions.  What a terrific class!!

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families and Happy Friday!


We just completed another super week at Summerside in our classrooms!  I encourage you to stop by tomorrow, Saturday October 24th, for our Arts and Craft Show at Summerside from 9:00am-3:00pm.  We will have over 32 craft vendors who will be selling their handmade crafts.  A special thank you to Jennifer Teets, who is one of our parents and a member of our PTO, for organizing this family event!

Teaching and Learning is our Core Business at Summerside and I will always showcase the learning taking place in our classrooms every week so our families get a glimpse into life here at Summerside.  Our Kindergarten students are always a joy to see and I am very proud of them.  Mrs. Huntington's students were engaged in a learning activity in Mathematics.  Two of our students were counting dominoes as they "park" them in the corresponding parking space on their mat.  Several number and numeration skills are practiced with this fun activity.  Keep up the good work Mrs. Huntington and her Kindergarten Students.  Keep up the good work!


A Message about Emergency and Crisis Management

West Clermont Parents:

Over the past few weeks, there have been a variety of threatening calls to schools across the region, the most recent being yesterday, October 20.  With that in mind, 

Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!

We are closing in on the weekend and what a beautiful day it is outside today.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have much to be thankful for.  Just taking a few minutes to inventory the many good things in our lives keeps things in perspective:  Our families, our close friends and neighbors, where we live, the community we are a part of, our schools, our health, and much more.

I couldn't be more thankful for the effort I am observing in our classrooms daily. Hats off to our Staff and Students.  Recently in art class the third graders learned about the famous artist Henri Matisse.  Students created shape collages based on his paper cut-outs.  Students learned how to layer geometric and organic shapes to create an eye-catching collage.  This project is on display right outside the media center.   Creative and engaging lessons are taking place in our classrooms daily.    Nice work Mrs. Williams and her Summerside Art students!! 

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Weekly Update from Mr. Winterberger

Hello Summerside Families!  

Happy Friday!! I wish everyone a terrific weekend with family and friends.  This Fall weather is here and it’s always nice to see the Fall colors in the area this time of year.  In this busy world we live in, sometimes it's good to just stop and look at the beauty around us and enjoy the precious time we have with family.

As always I am in many classrooms every week and like to showcase teaching and learning at Summerside.  Mrs. Cann’s second graders were playing a game in class where students were taking turns practicing reading “R-controlled” vowel words which is a second grade reading foundations standard.  They were introduced to the weekly targeted skill through spelling words. They were reading spelling words as well as applying the skill to new words.  I want to take this moment to thank Mrs. Cann for the terrific job she does daily teaching our second grade students!  Also, I couldn't be more proud of our students work!

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Music Matters!

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Before and After school child care offered

Before and after school care for West Clermont students in grades K - 5.  For more info, click below.

Summerside's Mural

This year we are thinking BIG in art! To start the school year off, every student at Summerside is creating a small work of art that when combined with their classmates, will become a colorful mural that plays with shape , color and line.  In class, students are learning about line as a very important element of art and how to use it as a building block to design. Each student divided a circle into 4 equal parts and drew a variety of lines and designs on each, making it symmetrical.  Once their designs were drawn, the pieces were flipped and glued into the corners of a square to create a diamond shape.  When the pieces are put side-by-by to one another, they fit together to create a circle pattern.  They are reminiscent of how quilt squares fit together to create a pattern. Each grade has been assigned a color from the rainbow and when assembled together, the mural will flow effortlessly from one color to the next. The project is bigger than just in its size. My goal of the mural is to create a sense of community through art.  The squares represent our students.  Each student is an important part of our school and masterpiece.  When you look closer, you will notice the differences in design that make each square or student unique.

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