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1st grade on the 1st day!

1st graders know the drill!   They know what to expect on the first day of school!
Look for more 1st day pictures posted on the Photo Gallery Soon!

5th grade

In 5th grade today all of the students were given the chance to practice using Science Process Skills with gummy worms and gummy bears.  A few of the skills the students practiced were: they measured their worms length, compared their masses to the mass of gummy bears, predicted how many segments each gummy worm had, and built clay models of their worms and then compared the two.  The kids even had to take some of their worms home to see how they would react in water overnight.  Of course, the kids were allowed to eat some of the candy after the lab. :)  Every one had a great time!

WV School of Rock!

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4th grade students!

Students in Mrs Arnold's class learned about each other's interest. Each student brought in personal items from home to share with the class. Not only was the activity fun, it gave students experience in speaking in front of classmates.


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Mercy Health, Midtown Health partner with West Clermont Schools to bring HealthPlex to area

“We are extremely pleased that our district is able to partner with Mercy Health and Midtown Health to provide these facilities at no additional cost to taxpayers,” said West Clermont Board President John Bantjes. “We have intended this new high school to be community centered since its inception in January. This project will clearly increase the community’s access to school facilities and enhance the quality of life for everyone.” 


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