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4th/5th grade Spelling Bee finals!

Congratulations to the following 5th graders, who have made it to the Willowville Spelling Bee:

Hickey:  Alexis Lipps, Jackson Miller, Rylee Radcliffe, Libby Stout and Olivia Wroblewski

Stevens: Tristan Duggins, Paxton Dunford, Lilly Kleimeyer, Abril Shobrook and Koury Warren

Crane: Savana Frysinger, Mya Gibson, Luke Johnson, Myles Locher, Jeffrey Morris and Ansh Patel

Congratulations to the following 4th graders who have made it to the Willowville Spelling Bee:

Flanigan:  Isaiah Fahey, Lilly Hosler, Alesha Morrison, Avery Hendrixson, Kyren Phann

Balmos:  Olivia Boyd, Brady Glass, Sarah Harvey, Chris Davies, Mason Campbell

Arnold:  Glenn Takam, Joey Young, Lucy Hale, Eva Flaugher, Aiden Taylor

The Spelling Bee will be on Wednesday, December 16th at 9:30am.

Santa Breakfast!


Click below for a printable breakfast form. Please note that we will NOT be accepting reservations after Tuesday, December 1. This allows us to purchase the correct amount of food. Thank you for understand.
Printable Santa Breakfast Flyer
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We also need volunteers to help at our Santa Breakfast. We offer two shifts. Please consider helping during the seating that you will not be attending as a guest! To sign up, please click here.

What's the Buzz in 4th grade?

Fourth graders were challenged to find their vocabulary words being used in the "real world". Students finding 3 or more words for the month were rewarded with ice cream. Some students even found their words in displays at the Ft. Ancient Museum.

West Clermont bills the Ohio Department of Education over $8 million

The board approved a resolution granting the treasurer Alana Cropper, to bill the ODE for $8,607,259 in state and local funds from 2001-2015 for the state’s charter school system. 

Thank you Veterans!

1st grade students wrote Thank You letters to Veterans on Veterans Day.               1st grade student Cayden Ferguson in Mrs. Stidham's class received a reply from a greatful Veteran.
Pictured below is Cayden with his letter to the Veteran and the response letter.

Principal of the Day

Kindergarten student Grant Forney was Principal of the Day today Tuesday, November 24, 2015.  This was the Walk-A-Thon prize for raising the most money.  Grant joined Mrs. Kennedy for morning announcements, a building walk through, Student of the Month snack with KG AM, Student of the Month Lunch with Mrs. Kennedy, and afternoon announcements!
Great job Grant!


5th grade Fraction Puzzles

5th grade math students have fun putting puzzles together ordering fractions from least to greatest from 1/100 to 1 whole.  They have to be careful, however, because the fractions are given in simplest form.  The 75th piece will say '3/4,' not '75/100.' They have to create equivalent fractions with denominators of 100 in order to place the fractions correctly.  Look for more pictures in the Photo Gallery!


5th grade Cereal Box Presentation

5th grade students invented a cereal based on a fictional book they read.  They incorporated all elements of fiction in their cereal box.  Then students created a commercial informing the class about their product!


4th grade field trip to Ft. Ancient

Friday, November 20th, 4th grade took a field trip to Ft. Ancient!  Look for more pictures in the Photo Gallery!


WV Thanksgiving Feast!

Thursday, November 19th was our annual Thanksgiving Feast!  Thanks to our wonderful kitchen staff led by Mrs. Troxell, our guest servers led by Principal, Mrs. Kennedy,  our Willowville PTO members and volunteers for cutting and serving pies!   Everyone worked together to make this a wonderful day!
Look for more pictures in the Photo Gallery!


Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance 1st Quarter

Click Here to see the list of students that made Honor Roll 1st Honors and Honor 2nd Honors for 3rd through 5th grade!   Congratulations to all students!


Click Here to see the list of students that had Perfect Attendance for the 1st Quarter!  Great job!

Wireless Keyboards

The students in Mrs. Flanigan's skills group were using the wireless keyboard provided by the PTO to answer questions about their weekly story.  Thank you PTO!!!  We love it!!

1st quarter Awards 3rd grade

3rd grade handed out 1st quarter awards today for Perfect Attendance, 2nd honors, 1st honors, and P.R.O. (People Respecting Others) award. 

3rd gr. Veterans Day

The students read rolls in a veterans day play called "Who is a Veteran?". They created their own props to help students visualize the American symbols and characters. Students learned that veterans are important men and women who served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Air Force.

A Message about Emergency and Crisis Management

West Clermont Parents:

Over the past few weeks, there have been a variety of threatening calls to schools across the region, the most recent being yesterday, October 20.  With that in mind, 

Before and After school child care offered

Before and after school care for West Clermont students in grades K - 5.  For more info, click below.

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