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Art class at WV

Students today learned all about jellyfish and how to create great realistic looking jellyfish in a very simple way. Students painted half circles with watered down tempera paint and then lifted up their papers to form their tentacles with the dripping paint. Students discovered how if they turned their paper the tentacles would flow in that direction.

Once painting was complete students knew we would finish our pictures tomorrow when our papers had had time to dry. So for the rest of class they practiced drawing all sorts of ocean creatures on their papers.

Tomorrow students will use crayons, markers and cut paper to decorate their ocean scene. Students will add all sorts of animals, plants, rocks and corrals to their pictures tomorrow. We will also learn how to draw realistically like famous artist Robert Wyland. We will learn how to draw by putting simple shapes together to form more complex shapes.


4th grade Mrs. Arnold's Class

Students in Mrs. Arnold 4th Grade Writing class have been practicing their keyboarding skills on a free web based site called BBC Dance Mat Typing.  Students are learning how to hold their fingers properly starting with the home row keys and working their way through the levels.  After several weeks of practice, students were ready to test their keyboarding skills by composing a paragraph about their Halloween costumes directly on the computer.  Mrs. Arnold was able to create this assignment using the Study Island software purchased by the PTO.   Once students were finished typing, they submitted their paragraphs on line through the Study Island Program.

Here is Nick McEwan’s unedited paragraph:

 I want to be a ninja for Halloween because I think ninja's are cool. One reason I want to be a ninja Is because they do all kind's of flip's and I think that is cool. The second reason  I want to be a ninja is because they wear mask's and that is cool. My ninja costume is going to be red and I will carry a sythe for my weapon. I am excited for Halloween and I can't wait for it to get here because I like candy!



Walk-A-Thon Kick Off!

Today at the Walk-A-Thon kick off, students learned that if the whole school raises $25,000.00, Mrs. Kennedy will spend an entire day riding around the school on a very small bike!

Here are the prize levels:

Every student will receive a Tee Shirt that they will wear for field trips and other school functions as needed.

$10.00- P.J. day and Homework/Hat Pass
$25.00-Cotton Candy Party during school
$40.00-Hot Chocolate & Cookies w/Principal
$75.00-1 hour Dance Party during school!
$100.00-Movie & Popcorn During School!
$150.00-Footprints on the Walk of Fame & Spin the Prize Wheel
$175.00-Skallywag Tag During School in our gym!
$200.00-LONG Limo Bus Ride w/Sweet Frog Treat!
$300.00-4 Tickets to a Cyclones Game
$400.00-Standard Family Zoo Membership
$600.00-Kindle Fire
$1,000.00-4 pack King's Island Gold Passes

If the whole school raises $20,000.00, all students and Staff, will be able to wear a costume to school on October 31st.  (No masks, nothing scary, must be school appropriate!)

If the whole school raises $25,000.00, Mrs Kennedy will ride the small bike ALL DAY at school on October 10th!

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Walk-A-Thon Kick off

Skallywag Pirate Ship comes to WV

Friday September 19th is the kick off for our WV PTO Walk-A-Thon!!   Look for collection envelopes to come home today!   One of the prize levels will be a Skallywag Tag party here at WV!


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