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2014-2015 New Start Times for West Clermont

Changing Times for West Clermont Elementary Schools

The day is 45 minutes longer in order to provide more instructional time for students. 
Start and end times are staggered as follows. 
Amelia, Brantner and Clough Pike Elementary Schools' student hours: Monday - Friday, 8:20 AM – 3:00 PM 

Holly Hill, Merwin, Summerside, Willowville, and Withamsville - Tobasco Elementary Schools' student hours: Monday - Friday, 9:05 AM - 3:45.

Art, Music, Physical Education “Lite” for grades K-5 are provided during the school day.


Kindergarten Times
Amelia, Brantner, Clough
8:20-11:15 AM
12:05-3:00 PM

Holly Hill, Merwin, Summerside, Willowville, Withamsville-Tobasco
9:05 AM-12:00 PM
12:50-3:45 PM


Safe Schools; ALiCE Training

“Schools are some of the safest places for our children because most schools practice evacuation drills for fires and protective measures for tornadoes,” said West Clermont School District Superintendent Keith Kline. “However, just like practicing monthly fire drills, it’s important that staff knows how to respond in the very unlikely event of an armed intruder,” he added. 


2014-2015 School Hours and Kindergarten Times
WT Open House Meet Your Teacher Event

Great News at WT, an online charity, has funded a project written by Mrs. Buchanan for her Social Communication Classroom.  This project is providing her students with 2 iPad Minis to use as a communication device within their home and school setting. These iPads will ensure that her students are being heard and that they have an appropriate way to communicate with the people around them.



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