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School Profile

Holly Hill Elementary
3520 State Route 132, Amelia, Ohio 45102

Phone: 513-943-8900

Fax:  513-797-5604


Student Hours: 9:20 AM –4:00 PM, AM Pre-school: 9:20-12:15, PM Pre-school 1:05-4:00

Principal: Erin Parker

Asst. Principal: Julie Howard

Secretary:  Julie Root

Total Enrollment:  375

Percentage of minority students: 5%

Economically Disadvantaged: 65%

Attendance rate: 94%

Grades: Preschool through Fifth Grade                                                                                 


Holly Hill’s mission is to provide a safe, united, academically challenging environment where all students achieve excellence.


  • Recognizing the need to prepare students to become productive members of a democratic society, we envision that Holly Hill School will:                                                                        
  • Raise achievement levels of all students
  • Eliminate achievement gaps                                              
  • Foster the social, emotional & physical growth of our students  


  • I will not bully others.
  • I will do my best to help students who are bullied.
  • I will include students who are left out.
  • If I know of someone who is being bullied I will tell a teacher or an adult at home.


  • We will build effective relationships with students, parents, and the community.
  • We will communicate to students they are important and valued and we will not let them fail.
  • We will communicate to students why the work they do is important and use all available resources to engage students in learning.
  • We will define and model lifelong learning for our students and ourselves by committing to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement.
  • We will collaborate with one another and our students so that we can achieve our collective goals more effectively.
  • We will identify essential learning outcomes, assess student understanding and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.
  • We will be results oriented and data driven.
  • We will continue to ensure that our students achieve skills that will prepare them for the 21st Century.
  • We will ensure that our students can learn and grow in a safe and positive environment.


Serves children from preschool through fifth grade. There are 18 classrooms, including half day preschool and full day kindergarten.

Learning outcomes for students are aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards. Created by teachers, parents, education experts and others from across the country, these learning standards provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career. To see specific learning outcomes in reading and mathematics by grade level, please see the Ohio PTA Parent Guides.

Provides special education support for qualifying students in an inclusive environment.  Teams of special education teachers and regular education teachers collaborate and serve students with identified special needs.  We offer programs for students who are learning disabled, developmentally handicapped, orthopedically handicapped, and those with social communication needs.   Additionally, Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are offered to those students who qualify.  Outside counseling agencies provide counseling to students. A health aide provides medical attention to students who need it.

Holly Hill Elementary and in our West Clermont Local School District, the Response to Intervention process is followed when students are struggling at school.  The goal of the Response to Intervention is to identify an action plan that will improve the student’s academic, behavioral, or social skills.  Based on data collected in the classroom, teachers may provide automatic interventions and document these on a Tier 2 intervention form.  If a more intensive, individualized plan is needed, the teacher will schedule a Tier 3 meeting with parents and other support personnel, as needed.  A collaborative plan will be developed at the meeting with parent input.  Parental involvement is a very important part of this process.

PTO is very active in providing support to the school and the teachers. PTO sponsors skating parties, fundraisers, financial support for field trips, programs, and classrooms, as well as conference dinners for staff twice a year. The PTO has a Father/Daughter dance yearly which is a big success. PTO also runs the Box Top program throughout the year.

Holly Hill is partnered with the Food Bank Distribution Center using the Power Pack Program. This Program feeds 35 students with a variety of non-refrigerated food items every weekend. Holly Hill also provides free and reduced breakfast and lunches for all students.

Adopted “Read to Rover” program. Mr. Steve Inkrot and his two dogs, Duffy and Gunny, come to the school once a week and visit a variety of classrooms and children. The dogs provide a comforting connection where children get read to by Mr. Steve or students read to the dogs. Mr. Steve also makes donations to our children for hats and gloves and other essential items.

Students benefit from the local Veteran’s Association for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The neediest children are provided with a meal and shopping for Christmas.

Has an annual Field Day for all students to participate. The day is filled with fun-filled activities, picnic lunches and parental involvement.

Throughout the year, Holly Hill staff and community participate in various charitable organizations such as Jump For the Heart, or Veterans Can Food Drive to give back to our community and create a sense of good citizenship for our students.