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1040 Gaskins Road Cincinnati, Ohio   45245

Phone: 513-947-7800

Student Hours: 9:20 AM - 4:00 PM

Principal: Cheryl Turner

Secretary:  Cindy Begue

Total Enrollment:  540

Economically Disadvantaged: 35%

Attendance rate: 95.8%


Grades: PreK-5                                                                 

MERWIN ELEMENTARY MISSION STATEMENT: Merwin Elementary staff is committed to providing high- quality rigorous core instruction to empower students to learn the skills and attitudes necessary for success in the 21st century.

VISION:  Merwin Elementary staff is committed to fostering student growth through high-quality instruction and a solid core curriculum.  We believe that the best results for children come from collaboration with parents and community. We believe that academic excellence is attainable in the safe environment Merwin provides.   


Today I will be respectful, responsible and safe with my teachers, my classmates and my materials.  I am READY to learn!


  • We will build effective relationships with students, parents, and the community.
  • We will communicate to students they are important and valued and we will not let them fail.
  • We will communicate to students why the work they do is important and use all available resources to engage students in learning.
  • We will define and model lifelong learning for our students and ourselves by committing to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement.
  • We will collaborate with one another and our students so that we can achieve our collective goals more effectively.
  • We will identify essential learning outcomes, assess student understanding and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.
  • We will be results oriented and data driven.
  • We will continue to read and study equity issues in education and the broader society and apply our learning to the work we do with children. 


Serves children from Preschool through fifth grade. 

Learning outcomes for students are aligned with Ohio’s Learning Standards. Created by teachers, parents, education experts and others from across the country, these learning standards provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career. To see specific learning outcomes in reading and mathematics by grade level, please see the Ohio PTA Parent Guides.

Provides special education services to meet the needs of students in an inclusive environment. Teams of special education teachers and regular education teachers serve students with identified special needs. Speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are offered to those students who qualify. Outside counseling agencies provide counseling to students. Health aides provide medical attention to students.

A Building Leadership Team (BLT) works to address school wide initiatives.  Each grade level and special education are represented on the team.

PTO is very active hosting several events each year including monthly skating parties, fundraisers, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son outings, assemblies, COSI on Wheels, and field day.  They support teachers by assisting in the library and in classrooms.  Parents are encouraged to sign up as a PTO volunteer whenever possible.

Staff supervises arrival and dismissal each day to provide a safe home/school transition.  There is also a Merwin safety plan on file with the district and state. 

The RtI (Response to Intervention) process to identify and implement an action plan that improves a struggling student’s academic, behavioral, social or emotional skills. 


Merwin first opened the doors in the 1966 at a time when West Clermont School District was a fast growing community.  The community continued to grow and the building was extended in 1996 to accommodate the influx of elementary students.  At its highest enrollment, more than 720 students attended.  The school colors are blue and white.  The school mascot is a mustang.