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Senior Portraits and WCHS Yearbooks

The TRACKER Yearbook

The TRACKER is the name of the West Clermont High School yearbook. As one of the biggest and most extensive yearbooks in the Midwest, it covers activities, events, students and sports over the entire school year!

Like most high schools, Yearbook is a year-round class to which you would schedule like any other course option for juniors and seniors. It is by application only, but the applications are usually available for the next school year by around February. As a member of the yearbook team, students are required to shoot photographs, create online layouts, contact and interview students/faculty/coaches, and help their classmates when needed.

The yearbook is a FALL DELIVERY, which means the previous year’s book is finished in June and delivered to the school for distribution at the beginning of the next year. (This ensures that ALL events - including Graduation - are featured in the book.)  Books begin to go on sale on or around September 1st each year, and the ordering closes on May 1st. To order your book, go to Books are $65 but increase to $75 as of April 1st. About 30-40 extra books are ordered each year, but those are available on a first-come basis when the books are distributed.

As you will see from the ordering site, you can have your book delivered to your home for an extra $10. This is highly recommended for not only seniors but for sophomores and juniors who may be attending the Oaks in the Fall and won’t be on the WCHS campus.

SENIOR PORTRAITS: You can have your casual senior portraits taken by anyone anywhere, BUT your yearbook studio portrait must be taken at McIntire Photography in Mt. Carmel. This photo is not only used in the yearbook but the newspapers and graduation as well. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Contact McIntire Photography at (513) 528-5888 towards the end of the student’s junior year. They can only handle a small number of people at once, so plan ahead for availability!
  • If you schedule your portrait for the month of June, there is NO SITTING FEE. (Any time after June, the sitting fee is $26.69 after tax.)
  • You have until OCTOBER 30th to schedule your portrait.
  • Below are the recommended guidelines for the WCHS portraits:
    • Light color / White-collared dress shirt with necktie
    • Jacket / Sportcoat (preferably dark colored)
    • If you do NOT have a jacket, the studio has black jackets available.
    • Black or Navy-colored blouse, dress, or top (dark obviously preferred)
    • Charms or necklaces acceptable
    • (Be careful of off-the-shoulder dresses or spaghetti-strap dresses, as these can make a person look topless when cropped!)

Senior Portrait Samples

Any additional questions? Contact Mr. Curless at Thanks!

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